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Handle Your New Managerial Position As A Boss, Not A Friend

When you are a manager for the first time, one feels like they have been thrown into the deep end. When you become a manager for a group of individuals you have been working with can be stressful while you will feel awkward when giving them orders. One essential thing that you need to have in mind when you get promoted to the position of a manager is that you have been given a wonderful opportunity to prove that as a person you have the ability to grow your professional skills and also spread your wings. When you feel that your new managerial position is overwhelming, here are some helpful ideas to make your tenure successful.

The worst thing that any manager can do whenever they have been promoted is letting go your head and your feelings just because you have gained the slight power, and you feel that you are better than everyone else. Getting promoted doesn’t have to make you a slug and promotion as a manager doesn’t mean that you are better than everyone else but rather it is an appreciation of the fact that you have shown that you are experienced and qualified to handle the responsibility of leading a group of employees.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the way that you behave when you are promoted is that you have to behave professionally. After becoming a manager, you do not have to wear a crown and move round calling your juniors peasants but again it is also not advisable to maintain the close relationship with them. You have a new responsibility to delegate task and also learn to distance yourself from the rest of the group in a way that they will respect your authority and not take you as dictatorial.

After getting a promotion to a new managerial position, it is advisable that you discuss with your bosses the duties, actions, and responsibilities which they will be expecting from you. Never be worried about your relationship with employees as you can organize team meetings to raise any concerns. In team meetings, discuss task delegation, terms of sale and even KPIs within the office.

When you lead a group of employees, you need to have known them pretty well especially when you have been promoted from their team. You can use team meetings to ensure that you get to know the employees. If you are seeking the best way to know about your group at a more personal level; you can plan to have team-building exercises and take your team to a dinner.

It is essential also to remember that you are managing individuals who have unique and different personalities. One measure that you can consider is having an accounting team to work in a private office considering the sensitivity of their work.