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Hubsor Cloud Archive: Your Cloud Archive Solution Have you ever imagined the possible effects if your data continues to expand and eat up your storage? Always remember that continuing using traditional data storage can compromise your data security and you’ll likely spend on costly equipment for additional space for accommodating your data. Allow us to help you make an informed decision and explore Hubsor Cloud Archive data storage solutions. Across all organizations, data is rapidly growing in volume and value, however most companies have today fail to keep up with the current needs for bigger data workloads, access flexibility options, scalability, and better cost control. This is the reason why cloud archive solution has been developed, offering a cloud storage service for long-term protection and preservation of data, and addressing the increasing requirements for data requirements and new regulations. With Hubsor cloud archive, you can manage your data while reducing storage cost and recapturing capacity on their multi-cluster or multisite distribution. By tiering to Hubsor cloud archive, it is possible to have policy driven cloud native tiering, lower tape management, eliminate middleware solutions and costly cloud getaways, with longer retention periods, accessible anytime and anywhere, and data storage is more cost-effective. A cloud archive solution offers data portability, survivorship, and durability of comprehensive enterprise class of SLAs, eliminating disruptive and complex technology migrations required for long-term data storage through fully managed cloud service. Hubsor Cloud Archive do not require clients to own any storage equipment or invest on archiving platforms because everything is in the cloud, offering a fast, easy accessibility and meeting industry standard security requirements. With Hubsor cloud archive, your company will greatly benefit from fully managed services, quick and secure data access, and durable, secure, flexible and scalable data storage. With the growing demand for digital archives, Hubsor cloud archive meets this demand that can be readily resued and shared.
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There is no need to wait or submit data retrieval requests because of fast, simple and easy data access, with disk-based architecture that is secure, on demand, and unique among archive storage solutions available. The Hubsor cloud archive offers scalable data storage solutions, adapting the needs for your ever-changing data, with live and unlimited support, and an elastic storage footprint for data expansion, as well as eliminating the upfront costs for onsite risk storage and tape infrastructure. Allow Hubsor cloud archive to protect, preserve and reduce cost for safeguarding intellectual property, process documentation, operational knowledge, and other digital needs of your skyrocketing data volume. For more information about Hubsor Cloud Archive, feel free to view their website or homepage. Hubsor is your ultimate partner it when it comes to cloud archive.Practical and Helpful Tips: Archives